Postdocs Meeting in Warsaw

From March 27 to March 30, 2023, in Warsaw, at the Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw, a research workshop for the ReCov19 project took place. The main goal of these workshops was to refine reports for publication. Additionally, the team aimed to decide on the number of articles related to religious media, check the coherence of coding, write a methodological section for internal media, and potentially outline a methodological section for religious media. Furthermore, the team planned to create a detailed work schedule with deadlines until August 2023 and find topics for future articles.
The day started with a welcome session, followed by collaborative writing of the methodological chapter. Subsequently, the team worked on methodological chapters and reports. The day concluded with a discussion and preparations for the Wednesday meeting.

On the next day, the focus was on decisions regarding the sample of religious media and publication planning. The team planned the schedule for the analysis of religious media and developed a work plan with deadlines until the meeting in Bremen in August 2023. The team outlined the structure of a short report and in the afternoon engaged in testing the code for articles related to the sample of religious media. The day ended with a hybrid whole-team meeting.

The final day concentrated on completing the methodological chapter related to religious media. The session concluded with a closing discussion, followed by lunch and the team’s final farewell.

Overall, the workshop was dedicated not only to achieving significant progress in terms of reports and methodology but also provided a pleasant opportunity for the team to connect, collaborate, and explore the charm of Warsaw. The experiences and discussions from this meeting will undoubtedly motivate the team for the upcoming months until their next gathering in Bremen.